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How to Learn about Investing

Last week I passed the first CISI exam on Wealth Management which is a requirement to be an Elite Pro Popular Investor on eToro. I've learned a lot studying for this exam and I am a better investor because of this. As an investor, you'll always need to learn. How do you start?

Prior to 2016, I didn't know much about investing. I had to learn about investing by myself mostly from the internet and by reading some popular books about investing. I also read some of the letters of Warren Buffett $BRK.B .The most important book that I read, however, was The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

Benjamin Graham says that there are two types of investors, Enterprising investors, and Defensive investors. Enterprising investors are full-time investors while defensive investors already have another job. The Intelligent Investor is the perfect book for defensive Investors. A defensive investor must be able to analyze big companies with simple business models such as Apple $AAPL .

Enterprising Investors can read Security Analysis of Benjamin Graham and other more complicated books. The more knowledge you have, the better it will be for you. I certainly recommend the CISI exam to enterprising investors even if you're not a Popular Investor on eToro. Enterprising investors have more investment opportunities. For example, the GameStop Short Squeeze $GME was an opportunity that needed a lot of complex analysis and was only available to enterprising investors.

You don't have to take a course to become a good investor. I didn't take any course but I made a lot of mistakes and I believe if I went through some courses first, I would have made fewer mistakes.

The best way for you to learn is to start investing, to read those financial reports, the 10-K and 10-Q forms. This is the best way to learn. You're going to make mistakes but you'll learn from these mistakes.

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