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UNFI Short Squeeze

A short squeeze happens when short sellers are forced to buy back shares which they are shorting in order to cover their positions, hence, causing the stock price to go higher. For example, in January, we had a short squeeze with GameStop $GME where I made over 3300% profits. The main reason why I invested in GameStop was because of the fundamentals but I always considered the possibility of a short squeeze to be a bonus. It seems that same thing is now happening with UNFI $UNFI .

GameStop was a once in a lifetime short squeeze since over 100% of shares outstanding were short. UNFI is not in the same position. Only 20% of shares outstanding were short in the beginning of the year and it has now fallen to 10%. The short squeeze is happening. But just like with GameStop, we should not invest money in UNFI because of the short squeeze.

There are many people who lost money buying GameStop at over $400 because of the short squeeze, some people bought Volkswagen stocks $VOW3.DE when it had a short squeeze in 2008, the stock price crashed after that. It is a very bad idea to invest in a company because of a short squeeze. That's why I didn't invest in AMC $AMC . Always invest in the fundamentals and UNFI has the fundamentals.

UNFI is an undervalued stock. The company has a moat in organic and natural foods. Their debt is manageable.


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