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Genworth Financial - IPO and Earnings Update

Genworth Financial $GNW reported great earnings last week and I wanted to discuss updates about the IPO of Enact and the liabilities related to the life insurance business. Both of these issues were discussed during the conference call.

Genworth sold their Australian Mortgage Insurance business last year and is now planning a partial IPO for their US Mortgage Insurance business. They want to focus on life insurance which will be divided into 3 segments, Annuities, life insurance, and long-term care.

There are many tailwinds on the US mortgage insurance business with record-low mortgage rates and the housing boom. I also have Essent Group $ESNT in my portfolio.

One of the main issues with Genworth Financial is the future liabilities due to the LTC business. It is hard for them to raise rates because of the regulation but with low bond yields, it will be hard for them to afford these payments.

Another issue is the IPO. When will it happen? IPOs take time usually around a year to happen. At the price at which Genworth is today, I believe the market is overreacting to the issues faced by the company.

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