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My Stock Portfolio - August 2021

🤝 The most important change in my portfolio in recent weeks is that DouYu $DOYU deal with Huya failed and I added Kansas City Southern as another arbitrage opportunity.

🇺🇸 In the US Stock category, we have a change, Skyworks Solutions $SWKS , UNFI $UNFI JPMorgan Chase, Alaska Airlines, Essent Group, and Apple $AAPL . While I'm bullish on all these stocks, the ones I'm the most bullish on are UNFI and Essent Group, which I believe are potential tenbaggers (10X returns in 10 years or less).

🇨🇳I have 3 Chinese Stocks in my portfolio, DouYu, Qudian $QD, and China Mobile. These are bets on the new and old Chinese economies respectively. Qudian is a deep value stock, selling under its book value while China Mobile is a value stock with a big moat. Although Qudian stock price has been going down in recent months, I'm not worried about it, we need to focus on the long-term.

⛏️I have 2 commodity stocks in my portfolio, FreePort-McMoran $FCX and Polymetal International. FreePort-McMoran is the best performing stock in my portfolio over the last year with the bull market in Copper $COPPER which is set to continue with the Copper Supply Gap.

🌟I have three special situation stocks in my portfolio, Genworth Financial, Discovery and Kansas City Southern. Genworth Financial is going to have an IPO for its Mortgage Insurance business. Kansas City Southern will be acquired by Canadian National Railroad.

The rest is in cash and cash equivalents which is going to be used gradually for more stock purchases. The key is to invest in stocks with low market $SPX500 correlation and which are undervalued.

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