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This stock proves that fundamentals are not everything

There are two main approaches to investing, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. With fundamental analysis, the investor looks at the numbers of the company, then, buy them if they are undervalued (in the case of a value investor).

Essent Group $ESNT is undervalued but I'm taking profits on the stock.

I invested in Essent Group to profit from Private Mortgage Insurance with record-low mortgage rates. With mortgage rates rising and home prices still high, future growth is limited in the short-term.

I also invested in Genworth Financial $GNW and through its subsidiary Enact $ACT , I have more exposure to Private Mortgage Insurance.

If I have to choose between GNW and ESNT, I will say that ESNT is a better company and there is a premium on the stock. GNW is riskier but the risk-reward asymmetry is also more signifi

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