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This Stock Looks like GameStop

The question I'm asked the most as a value investor, is what is the next GameStop? Ever since I made a fortune on GameStop, people want to know what is the next stock that is going to go through a short squeeze? The next stock, which is going to be 100 bagger?

Here I just saw a stock with similar traits that GameStop $GME had in 2019 when I first invested in the company.

This company is heavily shorted and also this company has misleading numbers on their income statement, just like GameStop had in 2019.

This stock is Teladoc $TDOC

Over 20% of shares outstanding of Teladoc is being shorted and just like GameStop, the loss is not real and is just a result of an impairment of goodwill.

Watch the video on YouTube:

Full analysis of Teladoc:

More on my website:

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