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The market $SPX500 has shown a recovery in the last few months but it seems that it was short-lived.

The first stock I'm buying in September 2022 is GEO Group $GEO . It is not because Michael Burry is buying but because the fundamentals of the company have improved with the recent debt exchange they did. The probability that the company defaults on its debt in 2024 is now almost zero. GEO Group has a lot of option in front of it with its high cash flow. The stock is trading at only X4 FCF.

The second stock I'm buying in September 2022 is Prosus $PRX.NV . Prosus is the largest shareholder of Tencent, and is currently trading at a discount to its NAV. It is cheaper way to own Tencent and a few other companies.

The third stock I'm buying in September 2022 is another Chinese stock, Alibaba $BABA . The stock is down over 75% from all-time high and right now is undervalued. Despite all the risks and uncertainties surrounding tech stocks in China, we need to focus on the long-term. This is a business with great growth potential.

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