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STOCKS I'll be Watching in 2022

In 2022, we can expect Inflation to continue, and, therefore, the most important stock in my portfolio that will be affected by inflation (in a positive way) is UNFI $UNFI . I'll have to follow UNFI very closely since it is the largest position in my portfolio and already gained so much. At some point, we may start taking profits.

The Federal Reserve System will probably raise interest rates in 2022. This will be bad for tech stocks and especially good for financial stocks such as JPMorgan Chase $JPM and Genworth Financial $GNW .

We also have to look at Discovery $DISCA as the deal with WarnerMedia will probably happen.

I'll keep looking at the stocks in my watchlist but what's more important is to expand that watchlist. Since almost all sectors and industries are overvalued, I'll be looking more at individual stocks rather than analyzing whole sectors or industries. And I'm going to make more use of screeners.

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