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The first stock I'm buying in January 2022 is Discovery $DISCA . This is a special situation stock as Discovery is going to merge with AT&T's Warner Media. I started buying Discovery before the merger announcement as it was undervalued. It is still undervalued.

The second stock I'm buying in January 2022 is a controversial one, GEO Group $GEO , a private prison company. They are not very popular right now but are still a necessity. President Joe Biden issued an executive order banning the DOJ from renewing their contracts with private prisons. This is bad for GEO Group but I believe that the market overreacted. GEO Group is a cigar butt stock.

The third stock I'm buying in January 2022 is iRobot $IRBT . This is a tech company looking like a value stock for 2 main reasons:

1. Tariffs on Chinese goods - iRobot products are made in China. They have decided not to raise prices and this affected their margins

2. Increased competition from cheaper products leading to a reduction in market share

But the company is undervalued as the market has overreacted.

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