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My Top 5 Investing Mistakes of 2020

Despite making over 40% this year, I have made some investing mistakes (not just in the stock market). Let's see what I learned from them.

💎 Number 5: Tiffany & Co. $TIF : Tiffany's was being aquired by LVMH $MC.PA until it was announced that the deal will not go through. I decided to sell at a loss. But now the deal is on again but at a cheaper price. It would have been better if I waited. This is the only arbitrage deal where I lost money and it is because I decided not to wait.

☎️ Number 4: Not saying No. I invested in a course a few years ago about High Ticket closing from Dan Lok and it was a bad decision. It didn't work for me and decided to move on last year. But earlier this year, someone who took the same course contacted me and wanted to do some role plays with me. Instead of saying No immediately and moving on, I decided to give another try and wasted much of my time.

💵 Number 3: One main source of Income. My main source of income is eToro with my investment research partnership on second place. Right now, I have 24 members. And I think I should have promoted it more. I don't talk much about my Discord, Facebook Group.

⌛ Number 2: My watchlist is too big. I've a big watchlist and not enough time to analyze all these companies. I need a better system to organize companies I want to look at and also a better system of organizing my time.

🤝 Number 1: Not Enough Arbitrage. I have a few arbitrage deals in my portfolio right now but they don't account for more than 4% of it. Instead of keeping cash and bonds, arbitrage is a much better option. Therefore, I need to look for more deals and gradually sell by TLT $TLT and other bond ETFs positions.

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