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Michael Burry Sells Everything Except GEO Group

According to the last 13-F Filings of Michael Burry, he liquidated his whole portfolio, except GEO Group $GEO .

Michael Burry has been bearish on the stock market $SPX500 for years, recently predicting an earnings compression after the multiples compression and that the market will crash by a further 50%. The liquidation of his portfolio may not be so surprising.

As far as GEO Group is concerned, this is one of the private prison companies. I first started investing in this company last year. GEO Group was a REIT and were compelled to pay 90% of their profits in dividends. But since they are no longer a REIT, they have been able to manage debt repayment with a recent debt conversion.

GEO Group is still a buy despite the political risks. At the current price, it is undervalued, trading at less than X4 FCF.

Watch the video on YouTube:

Full analysis of GEO:


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