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Target TGT Stock Analysis

Target Stock $TGT is down over 40% from all-time high and is underperforming the S&P 500 $SPX500 . Is Target Stock a buy?

Compared to other retailers such as Walmart $WMT and Kroger $KR , Target has customers with higher income since its business is about providing quality at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, its stores are cleaner and friendlier, offering a better shopping experience with its own in-house brands. And just like the other retailers, Target suffers from competition from Amazon $AMZN .

The main issue with Target right now is that with increasing inflation and a recession, the company had a large inventory buildup.

When we calculate the intrinsic value of Target, it looks expensive. Just because a stock is down 40%, doesn't mean that it is cheap.

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Full analysis of Target:

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