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Michael Burry’s Big Mistake

The two largest positions in Michael Burry's portfolio are GEO Group $GEO and Qurate Retail $QRTEA , two stocks I have been following for over a year. While I invested in GEO Group, I did not invest in Qurate Retail. Why?

Michael Burry is a deep value investor, and sometimes, we make. the same investments. My best investment ever, GameStop $GME , was influenced by Michael Burry.

If you look at GameStop or GEO Group, when Michale Burry invested in them, they were both stocks with strong fundamentals. GameStop was even trading under its net cash value.

As far as QRTEA is concerned, while the stock seems undervalued, when I calculated the discounted free cash flow, I decided not to invest in it because of the debt. Besides, an economic downturn may push the stock further down.

We cannot really say that Michael Burry made a mistake, and there is nothing wrong at looking at the investments of other investors (especially value investors) for inspiration. Only make sure to do your own research, too, since everybody makes mistakes.

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