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3 Stocks I'm BUYING in December 2022

It seems we are out of the bear market, with the S&P 500 $SPX500 gaining 14% in the last 2 months but I believe we should be cautious. These are three stocks I'm buying in December 2022.

The first stock I'm buying in December 2022 is Icahn Enterprises $IEP . This is a stock with a 15% dividend yield, but you have to be careful about its structure since it is a master limited partnership. This 15% dividend yield is worth less if you consider all the taxes involved. However, if you want to bet on Carl Icahn, it can be a good investment.

The second stock I'm buying in December 2022 is GEO Group $GEO . The company is cleaning its balance sheet at a fast rate, and risk of bankruptcy is not here anymore. Trading at X4 FCF, it represents a value opportunity.

The third stocks I'm buying in December 2022 is Meta $META . The stock is not doing well at all as it is down by over 75% from all time high because of uncertainties surrounding the metaverse. However, if we ignore the metaverse (and even give it a negative value), Facebook alone looks like a value stock.

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