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Looking for Arbitrage Deals

Arbitrage has become popular right now with the Activision $ATVI - Microsoft $MSFT and Zynga $ZNGA - Take-Two Interactive $TTWO . I have been doing arbitrage for some years now. How to find good deals?

Arbitrage happens when there is a spread between prices of the same security in the market. The one we are going to talk about today is called merger arbitrage or risk arbitrage. You buy a stock that is being acquired when it is being sold below the acquisition price and then, you make a profit based on the spread once the deal goes through.

Where do you find the deals? In the news and on some specialized websites. That doesn't mean you have to invest in all the current deals. Only invest in one where the spread is attractive enough for you.

Next step is to analyze the company as you would analyze any other stock. If it is a bad investment, you should not invest in it just for the arbitrage. When there is arbitrage, however, you can invest in stocks that are slightly overvalued. You also have to analyze the acquirer to know if they can make the trade.

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