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2022 Stock Market Crash?

The S&P 500 $SPX500 is down 8% YTD while the NASDAQ $NSDQ100 is down over 12%. This is one of the worst beginning of the year ever. While our portfolio is still doing pretty well relative to the market, we still know what's happening to the markets.

There are several events affecting the stock market right now:

1. Expected rise in interest rates

2. Inflation

3. Omicron variant

4. War between Russia and Ukraine or China and Taiwan

5. "Not good" earnings from banks

These events are going to cause growth stocks to be affected more and as a result, even speculative "assets" such as Bitcoin $BTC and other cryptocurrencies are affected as they are normally owned by the same speculators. With passive investing and algorithmic trading, selling triggers more selling.

What you should do right now is switch off your TV and stop looking at your portfolio. Stocks which were expensive are still expensive. Stocks which were cheap are still cheap. Keep doing your research and invest based on fundamentals, not what other people are doing.

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