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B. Riley Financial Stock Analysis

RILY Stock Analysis

Business Description:

  • Diversified business with very recent acquisitions

RILY Stock Analysis

RILY Stock Analysis

RILY Stock Analysis


  • Rising Interest Rates

  • Diversified business

  • Gaining market share at fast rate

  • High insider ownership and insiders buying shares

  • Returning cash to shareholders through buybacks and dividends

RILY Stock Analysis


  • Taking debts to make acquisitions

  • Some businesses did well during pandemic (for example, Auction and Liquidation) and such success may not continue

  • Small size will make it hard to compete with rising fintech and investments from bigger banks

  • Key man risk

  • Bad investments can go really wrong (for example, liquidation in the last quarter of 2019)

Financial Analysis:

RILY Stock Analysis

RILY Stock Analysis

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