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A few weeks ago, I made a video about my investment mistakes in 2021. One of these were the cash and cash equivalents. After my huge profits on GameStop $GME , I had too much cash in my portfolio and did not want to rush to make investments. But I did not stay in cash, I bought bond ETFs $TLT , Gold ETF $GLD , Silver ETF $SLV . But these did not work out so well. It is because I'm not a macro investor.

For example, I invested in gold and silver because of inflation. This is macro investing. But I invested in Freeport-McMoran $FCX because of the rising demand for copper, the copper supply gap, and the fact that the stock was cheap. This is value investing. In 1997, Warren Buffett invested in Silver. He said that it was not because of inflation (which he cannot predict) but rather seeing a low Silver inventory. It is possible to invest in metals based on fundamentals.

I'm not saying that Macro investing doesn't work. But you should know what type of investor you are. And I prefer being a value investor.

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Full analysis of GameStop:

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