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Investment Research Partnership Revamped

I have made some changes to the Investment Research Partnership to make it more user-friendly and relevant.

Grouping of Analyses and Research Instead of having each analysis written separately, all analyses for a particular company are now grouped together. For example, one only has to go on the JPMorgan Chase segment to read all the research and analysis from 2019. Addition of Latest Updates Segment Another important change is the addition of the Latest Updates segment, which includes the 10 last updates, along with the date of publications of these updates. Even if you missed something, you can always go back to see what you missed. Or if you're on vacation for two weeks, you will have everything ready once you come back.

Ishfaaq Investment Research Partnership

New Analyses First

A common issue that many of the members of the Investment Research Partnership faced were that the old analyses were always on top while the new ones were added last at the bottom. This problem is now solved as one can only see a few stocks that we're following.

Ishfaaq Investment Research Partnership

Archiving Old Analyses

What about the stocks that we're no longer following? What about the old analyses? They are still here but in the last segment after the Investing Course for Beginners, under Archives.

Ishfaaq Investment Research Partnership

If you're not a member of the Investment Research Partnership, you may register here: Use the Promo Code NEW before the end of November 2021 for 20% off your lifetime subscription.

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