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Zillow Stock Analysis

Zillow Stock Analysis


  • Housing boom in the US

  • Record low mortgage rates

  • Only holds a small portion of the market (0.1%) with a big growth potential

  • Industry leader and most recognized brand

  • Closing unprofitable “Home” business will allow the company to focus on IMT and Mortgage

  • Laying off 25% of workforce will save on expenses


  • Inventory of homes on sale over 7000 worth over $3.7 billion may take years to sell (probably at a loss)

  • Increase in interest rates

  • Share dilutions to raise capital and compensations

  • Considered growth stock and won’t do well with higher interest rates

Financial Analysis:

Zillow Stock Analysis

Zillow Stock Analysis


Zillow Stock Analysis

Full Research and Analysis:

Zillow Stock Analysis

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