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I'm buying Alibaba BABA Stock

I've been asked to look at Alibaba stock $BABA for over a year as the stock fell by over 75% from all-time high. I always avoided the stock because I needed a big margin of safety to make an investment. Finally, the margin of safety is here.

Whenever you are investing in a Chinese stock, you need to take a bigger margin of safety, compared to investing in a US stock. You need to take an additional margin of safety because of more regulations in China on tech stocks. There are other fears on the stock such as risk of being delisted on the NYSE but you can always buy the shares on the HK Exchange.

Alibaba is most famous for its online marketplace but it is now diversifying in other businesses such as cloud computing. Alibaba is expanding not just in China but also worldwide and in the last 5 years, the revenues grew on average by 40% per year.

Nobody knows what will happen to Alibaba stock in the short term, it may keep falling but as there are more regulations. But if you are thinking about the long-term, this is certainly a buy.

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Full analysis of Alibaba:

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