How I'll Spend the Cash from my GameStop Profits

๐Ÿ’ฐ One of the most asked questions from new copiers is the huge cash balance in my portfolio. This comes from my recent 3300% profits from GameStop $GME . How will I spend this cash? We cannot stay in cash since cash is trash. Although technically, I could stay in cash for the next 5 years and still beat the market $SPX500 .

โ›ตIf you've been following my work, you will know that I'm not going to buy a yacht or anything but will reinvest everything. It is important to consider that I have now over $700k of other people's money in cash. Since most of my net worth is on my eToro portfolio, I'm going to invest all this cash the same way I invest my own money. 100% skin in the game.

โŒ› I'm not going to rush into an investment just for the sake of maintaining the same returns as in January 2021. I held GameStop for 17 months for these returns. This is a long-term game and this cash will be deployed as I find good investments.

๐ŸคI always say that the best alternative to cash is arbitrage. Much of this cash is being invested in my arbitrage positions such as DouYu $DOYU or Genworth Financials. Another part of the cash is to buy stocks already in my portfolio which are still cheap, for example, Essent Group $ENST and Qudian $QD . I'm also doing some readjustments. For example, I had 10% of my portfolio in Polymetal since I wanted exposure to gold and silver. Now, it is only 4%, I can increase the position gradually since I'm still bullish on gold and silver long-term. However, I wonโ€™t buy more of companies which are expensive such as Apple $AAPL . It is only 1% of my portfolio from 2016.

๐Ÿ’ฐI'll keep some of the cash as I find the next big investment. Hopefully, the market will crash and we will have stocks which are much cheaper to buy. Even if cash is trash, over the short-term it is not really a problem. This is only temporary.

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