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Hedge Funds will Buy this Stock - BUY it Now

If there was a stock and you knew that hedge funds would be buying the stock in the coming months, would you buy it?

Of course, you buy now before the billions of dollars pour into this stock

Well, there is a stock that has been suggested to me by many of you. It is a stock already in my portfolio. Those following the channel will know what I’m talking about. It is not too late to smash the like button and subscribe.

Actually, it is not only for this stock, but there is a trend that hedge funds tend to follow. You look at most of them. They have the same stocks in their portfolio. Why is this the case?

Hedge funds usually copy their investments since they don't want to be the only one who is wrong. Therefore, they tend to invest in stocks based on market actions. Right now, we are in stagflationary phase, and it seems that a stock like GEO Group $GEO would do well.

A contrarian hedge fund manager, Michael Burry is already investing in GEO Group. Will others follow?

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Full analysis of GEO Group:

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