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3 Years on YouTube

📺 My YouTube channel is now 3 years old with 4700 subscribers and $0 in revenues. Let's see what I learned.

🚀 The number of subscribers is important but it is not the most important metric which should be used to measure the success of a YouTube channel. Watchtime is more important. For a channel talking about value investing, we should not expect a fast growth in number of views or subscribers. But if these subscribers keep coming back for more videos, it is a success.

🖼️ One of the best changes I made to my channel was making longer videos but only 3 times a week instead of 7 short videos a week. This improves the quality of the videos and at the same time increases watchtime. Of course, you have to make your thumbnails stand out.

🎥 What matters most is content. But high-quality videos are not always the most popular ones. That's why sometimes I have to find a compromise, make videos about companies that people want me to talk about, for example, Qudian , DouYu and UNFI seems to be more popular than the best performing stock in my portfolio, FreePort-McMoran. Once even GameStop was not popular. So, the high-quality videos always win over the long-term.

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