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1 Year on YouTube - What I learned?

It has been one year since I started my YouTube channel and I failed to reach my goal of 1000 subscribers but here are the main lessons I learnt: 1. Watch time is the most important metric Companies such as $AAPL $DIS $GOOG $NFLX $FB are all after one thing: Our time. That's because our time is limited, so the more time you spend on their platforms, the more they can sell their services or products to you. For example, Netflix and Disney through subscription services and Facebook want you to say on their platforms so that they can display ads to you. The same thing can be said about YouTube, which is owned by Google. YouTube is not looking for subscribers or views but for watch time, so if you want to be successful on YouTube, you should aim for that. Help YouTube make money and they will help you make money. One of the ways I improved my Watch time is by investing in a microphone. 2. Make videos for the true fans There are people who watch my videos almost every day and these are the true fans. They are learning something from the videos, they are giving feedbacks and as long as I make videos for these people, the number of subscribers shall increase. Don't look for subscribers first, look for true fans first. 3. Be real and unique There are many channels focused on stock investing so how am I going to compete with them. It is by being real and unique. This week I posted a video about $TSLA . It gained a record number of views in the first 24 hours. Every time I make a video about a popular company such as $TSLA or $AMZN or $NVDA , the number of views will skyrocket but it doesn't really bring many true fans. That's because it is not unique, there are hundreds of videos being made about these companies. And I don't have to have anything new to say about Tesla every week. I don't have the time to make a video every time Elon Musk tweets something. On the other hand, I make videos of companies which I am analyzing. For example, this week I analyzed $AMT $CCI $SBAC , so you can expect videos of these companies in the coming weeks. Believe me, the best investment is a company which is not very popular. I analyzed $CXO a few weeks ago but the video got a very limited number of views compared to Tesla even though it is a wonderful company and in my opinion a far better investment than Tesla. Being unique, however, in the long-term is a good thing. For example, I made a video about $MUV2.DE which initially did not get many views but now it has been one of the best videos I made. That's because I'm the only person in the world who analyzed this company and posted about it on YouTube. Recently, the company's stock has been growing at a very fast rate and now people are looking for this company and they find my video. The same thing happened with $BK , $UNH and $SWKS . And these types of videos bring you true fans. Of course, I wouldn't know which videos will be popular in the future. So, that's why I stick to being real and unique. 4. Personal development Even though I didn't reach my goal of 1000 subscribers, YouTube made me a better investor and a better person. Now, that I have to make a video every day, I have to analyze as many stocks as possible even when I feel lazy. And I have to deliver good analysis so I have to go through these financial statements with more diligence. Moreover, I became a better public speaker. I am now comfortable speaking in front of the camera. When in the future, I'll be invited to give an interview on CNBC or Fox Business, you can be sure that I'm ready for this and I won't panic.

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