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Investing Questions (eToro FAQ)

As a popular investor on the leading social trading network eToro, I am asked many questions. Here they are and the answer to these questions:

1. Where am I from? From Mauritius 2. Minimum copy amount? $400 3. Expected returns/length of investments? The best holding period is forever and I aiming to beat the market by over 10% per year in the long-term 4. Why my returns are inconsistent? I tried different trade strategies which I'm not proud of in the past 5. Why I got demoted? I don't meet the required AUM anymore 6. Book recommendations? The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham and a few more 7. Why I don't take profits? I don't time the market 8. Do I use leverage? No 9. Where do I get the data? From the 10-K and 10-Q forms 10. Do I invest outside eToro? Not right now but looking forward to it

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