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3 Stocks I'm Buying in February 2019

February on average is a boring month for the stock market but George Soros said that good investing is boring.

The Top 3 stocks to buy in February 2019 are: 1. Goldman Sachs GS Despite the recent rise in Goldman Sachs Stocks after the stock is still massively undervalued. The stock price is down since the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal or 1MDB scandal. However, in the long-term, I don't think this is going to affect the company. And I don't think Goldman Sachs is going to pay the $7.5 Billion fine. 2. The Travelers Companies TRV The problem with insurance companies is that there are good and bad years because these companies buy risks and some years are riskier than the others. But looking at the balance sheet and fundamentals of Travelers, I can say that the company is at a great price for the moment. The book value has been constantly increasing for years. 3. Facebook FB Facebook stock took a big hit in 2018 with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other privacy scandal. But the company right now is at a great valuation and has the potential to be the largest company on Earth. In digital advertising, there is a duopoly between Facebook and Google and more and more ads are being sold online now. Besides, Facebook has a very strong balance sheet with a huge cash reserve and no debt. Facebook has yet to monetize Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

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