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Why Most People want to Remain Poor

Most people live in the middle class and in the average income of the middle hardly grows. This is something called the middle class squeeze. If you are born in the middle class, you will probably die in the middle class. There are different reasons for this: 1. Lack of action. People don't take action because they like being in their comfort zone. The comfort zone is safe and from an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense why anyone would prefer to remain safe. That's why those people watch Netflix, sports, porn. 2. Bad relationship with money: Thinking that money is the root of all evil or that rich people are evil will keep you poor 3. They don't want to lose their friends/family: If you want to be successful, you'll have to leave your loser friends behind 4. They feel entitled to something: You're entitled to nothing | 5. No purpose of being rich. If you want to be rich for money's sake, you will never be

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