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Work From Home Real Winners

There are some stocks which are likely going to win from Work From Home (WFH) policies which are set to continue even after the pandemic. Several companies, including Google and Facebook, have stated that.

There are some stocks which are clear winners from WFH, namely, Zoom $ZM and Amazon $AMZN, but both of these stocks are currently expensive. As intelligent investors, we need to think bigger than that. Who will be these people working from home? It is not the truck driver or the small business owner who can work from home. It is usually someone who has a good-paying job, currently, living in a small apartment in a crowded city. What would you do if you were in that person's shoes? Move to the suburbs or smaller town? With mortgage rates at record low, it makes sense to buy a house right now.

Taking a mortgage will most likely also include taking an insurance on that mortgage and that person will need to go to one of the six Private Mortgage Insurance Companies.

The Mortgage Industry is complex as can be illustrated in my very simple drawing but the PMIs are a very important component of that Industry. The 2008 financial Crisis has been a disaster to them and they are only starting to recover.

The good news is that there's very little competition in that industry (six companies in total) and all of them look cheap and undervalued at the moment. There are other factors we need to consider before making an investment in them. Read the full analysis on my research partnership:

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