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Will the US Government Break Up Google?

The US Government now has an antitrust lawsuit against Google $GOOG . Wall Street is not taking the news so badly. How does this affect Google? Microsoft? Apple? Amazon? and Facebook? These 5 companies account for 22.5% of the S&P 500 $SPX500 and 45% of the the Nasdaq 100 $NSDQ100 . If anything happens to them, it will affect the whole market.

Is Google a monopoly? Alphabet through Google have 90% of market share of search engine in the US. Google owns the largest web browser, Google Chrome; largest video sharing website, YouTube; largest mobile operating system, Android. The fact that all these businesses are linked makes Google look like a monopoly. There are reports that Google paid Apple $AAPL to put Google as the default search engine on Safari.

There are 3 possible scenarios: Nothing happens, Google pays a big fine, or Google is broken up. Microsoft $MSFT was saved in 1998 as nothing happened to it. Wall Street is expecting the same thing with Google.

This is going to affect the whole tech industry. In 2000, one of the reasons why the Dotcom Bubble burst was the Antitrust Lawsuit against Microsoft. Microsoft was never the same after that and it took 16 years for the stock to recover.

Nobody knows what will happen next but I would rather stay from big tech companies with huge valuations. If these stock crashes, they will be great buying opportunities.

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