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Why I'm Not Buying Stocks

Even though the market $SPX500 had one of its worst beginning of the year, I'm still buying stocks at the same rate as last year.

There are several events affecting the stock market right now:

1. Expected rise in interest rates

2. Inflation

3. Omicron variant

4. Fear of War between Russia and Ukraine or China and Taiwan

5. "Not good" earnings from many companies such as Facebook $FB

But if you look at all the stocks that have been underperforming, they are all the popular ones, especially those on the NASDAQ $NSDQ100 . But most of these stocks are still overvalued.

As for the stocks in my portfolio, some of them got cheaper and I have increased my position but they did not get cheap enough for me to make a massive investment.

It also depends on you and your strategy. If you have a fixed cashflow every month that you can invest, you can invest in stocks that are cheaper now. But for me this is not something that I can do as a Popular Investor on eToro since adding cash will affect my copiers. Although, I do add money to my portfolio outside eToro which is just a copy of my eToro portfolio with some options.

As for the stocks that I was buying, I'm still buying them. Nothing has changed. It is just that stocks in general are still overvalued with no rush to start buying everything.

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