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UK General Elections 2019

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The General Parliamentary Elections in the UK will take place on the 12th of December and will be particularly important because of Brexit. As I have mentioned earlier, this is the most important geopolitical event of this decade. It seems that Brexit will be in the news in the coming decade too. We have already made an extensive analysis of Brexit in a previous article and we won’t talk much about that today. Instead, we will focus on a general outlook on the current state of the British economy and the British stock market and its influence on the world economy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re British or not, whether you have investments in the UK or not, what happens in the UK is important since the British Pound is one of the reserve currencies of the World.


- Background .... page 1

- Current State of the British Economy ... page 3

- Economic Policies of different parties ... page 10

1. The Conservative Party ... page 11

2. The Labour Party ... page 11

3. The Brexit Party ... page 13

4. The Scottish National Party ... page 13

5. The Liberal Democrats ... page 14

- Policy Comparisons ... page 14

- What is best for business, the economy, for the pound and for the average British citizen ... page 18

- What the polls are saying ... page 19

- Investment opportunities ... page 21

- Diageo ... page 21

- Conclusion ... page 21

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