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Passing, Failing and Passing my CISI Exams

One of the requirements to be an Elite Popular Investor on eToro is to pass the Level 3 - International Certificate in Wealth and Investment Management. But since I eventually want to be an Elite Pro Popular Investor (only the $10 Million AUM requirement left), I decided to take the Level 4 - Certificate in International Advanced Wealth Management. This certification consisted of two exams and it took me six months to go through them.

How were the exams? They were not hard but I would say complicated. You have to know everything in the 600 pages textbooks (for each one) by heart and sometimes the questions are really confusing, testing your knowledge of English more than your knowledge of finance.

One of my problems, however, was procrastination. I spent 3 months studying for the first exam and I believe that it was too much. Therefore, for the second one, I decided to book it only after 2 months. Unfortunately, I failed by one mark. I gave the exam again after 2 weeks but could not complete it because of internet disconnection. Only last week, I successfully managed to pass and this time it was with flying colors.

I understand the importance of the exams but I believed I spent too much time on them. I didn't do as much research and stock analyses during this time. But I learned so much during these six months that it is important that I share all of this, through YouTube videos or my analyses. I have already made some changes to my Discord server and YouTube channel. But more changes are coming soon, especially in terms of the quality of content. But of course, what matters most is to make good long-term investments and to increase the Assets Under Management.

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