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My YouTube Channel Stopped Growing

I'm not going to analyze any businesses or stocks today but instead will have a look at my own businesses including my YouTube channel. It is important for me to be 100% transparent.

As an eToro Popular Investor, I'm doing really well since I had my webinar last month and has been included on the Editor's Choice. If you told me 5 years ago that I would be managing over $150 000, I would be laughing. Who knows how much capital I'll manage in 5 years? The more capital you can manage, the more impact you can have in the world.

My YouTube channel views and watchtime peaked around May-June. This is something we can see even with other YouTube channels in the financial or stock market niche. The lockdowns might have contributed to that.

However, it is also my fault too since I don't have the same energy I had in May when my channel was monetized. Because of the closed borders, I could not cash in the money I made yet and my channel might get demonetized soon.

But YouTube, just like investing, is a long-term game and I should be focusing on things that are in my control.

Watch the full video on YouTube:

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