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My Stock Portfolio - December 2021

The latest change in my portfolio is the acquisition of Kansas City Southern by Canadian Pacific. I took profits on the eve of the closing of the deal. I have also lowered by cash and cash equivalents from 26% to 22% by making some investments in GEO Group, Freeport McMorRan, and Genworth Financial.

🇺🇸 In the US Stock category, we have GEO Group, UNFI, Skyworks Solutions, JPMorgan Chase, Alaska Airlines, Essent Group, and Apple $AAPL . While I'm bullish on all these stocks, the ones I'm the most bullish on are UNFI and Essent Group.

🇨🇳 I have 3 Chinese Stocks in my portfolio, DouYu, Qudian $QD, and China Mobile. These are bets on the new and old Chinese economies respectively. Qudian is a deep value stock, selling under its book value while China Mobile is a value stock with a big moat. Although Chinese stocks are doing poorly in recent months, I believe that over the long-term, it is still a good idea to bet on China. I also have the South Korean ETF.

⛏️ I have 2 commodity stocks in my portfolio, FreePort-McMoran $FCX and Polymetal International. FreePort-McMoran is the best performing stock in my portfolio over the last year with the bull market in Copper $COPPER which is set to continue with the Copper Supply Gap.

🌟 I have two special situation stocks in my portfolio, Genworth Financial, and Discovery. Genworth Financial is going to have an IPO for its Mortgage Insurance business. Discovery will merge with AT&T's WarnerMedia.

The rest is in cash and cash equivalents which is going to be used gradually for more stock purchases. The key is to invest in stocks with low market $SPX500 correlation and which are undervalued.

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