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My Stock Portfolio

I have 21 securities in my portfolio, including 15 stocks. These securities are in 7 different categories. Let's have a look at my stock portfolio and what changes I intend to bring next.

1. US Stocks 40.3%

- Skyworks Solutions : Semiconductor company, one of the suppliers of Apple $AAPL and good stock to bet on if you want to bet on 5G.

- GameStop $GME : Cigar butt stock which can really profit from the new console cycle. Very volatile but not risky.

- JPMorgan Chase : This is a stock I've been buying since 2016 and is a bet on the US economy.

- Alaska Air Group: This is a recent addition to my portfolio. The airline industry is struggling but I believe that Alaska Airlines will recover faster than the competitors because of good management, good balance sheet and only domestic operations.

- Essent Group: This is a recent addition and a bet on the private mortgage insurance industry.

- Apple: I bought Apple in 2016 and 2018 when everybody was buying. At some point it was even 15% of my portfolio but I took most of my profits. Apple has a high correlation with the market $SPX500 and was getting overpriced.

2. Non-US Stocks 13.3%

- Qudian : Chinese fintech company with a lot of headwinds ahead but very very cheap.

- China Mobile : Bet on Chinese 5G.

- South Korea ETF (EWY)

- Brazil ETF (EWZ)

3. Commodity Stocks

- Concho Resources $CXO : upstream oil company in the Permian Basin

- Parsley Energy : upstream oil stock in the Permian Basin

- Whiting Petroleum : Undervalued oil stock which recently came out of bankruptcy

- Polymetal International: Russian gold $GOLD and Silver miner

- Freeport McMoran : I'm also betting on higher copper prices

4. Workouts 3.3%

These are arbitrage opportunities, companies going through mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, bankruptcies, or any other corporate actions

- Fitbit : to be acquired by Google

- Genworth Financial: To be acquired by China Oceanwide

5. Precious metals 7.9%

Instead of keeping cash, I prefer keeping some SLV and GLD

6. Bonds 11.7%

7. Cash 6.7%

What I intend to do next is to convert more of the bonds and cash into workouts. I also want to lower my exposure to US stocks but that's proving a little hard to do right now because of the rise of GameStop.

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