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My Stock Market Portfolio - April 2020

Let's look at the arbitrage positions first. 1. Caesars Entertainment 0.4% - recent addition, waiting for it to be acquired by Eldorado Resorts with possibility of making at least 40% on the spread 2. Fitbit - 10.1% - will be acquired soon by Google. I'm gradually selling this stock to raise capital to buy other stocks as stocks are so cheap right now that too much arbitrage is not a good idea. Normal US Stocks 3. Skyworks Solutions - 12% - This is one of the suppliers of Apple and a stock that will win a lot from 5G. It is still cheap but I'm not buying since I already have much exposure. 4. GameStop - 9.6% - Gaming retailer with a failing business but there's still money to be made on this stock as the new console cycle is coming. It is a cigar butt stock with $500 million in cash but a market cap of about $200 million. With 94% of the shares being traded, there's the possibility of a short squeeze. 5. JPMorgan Chase $JPM - 4.2% - The largest bank in the US with a great business and currently at a very good valuation. 6. Alaska Air Group - 1.3% - Another company with a great management. Unlike other airlines, Alaska Air Group has a good balance sheet and they have cash to face the current crisis. This is a new addition to the portfolio and I'll be buying more. 7. Apple $AAPL - 2% - I've holding this stocks since 2016 and I don't intend to sell anytime soon. As for buying more, only if it gets cheaper. Non-US Normal Stocks 8. Qudian - 2.1% - very risky business but at a great valuation with a PE ratio of 1. This is a high risk but very high reward stock. 9. South Korean ETF - 3.6% - I'm betting on the South Korean economy. I could have looked for individual stocks but it would have been time consuming and not worth it. 10. China Mobile - 1.2% - I'm still buying. This is the largest network operator in the world and a company that can win from 5G. Commodity Stocks 11. Parsley Energy - 2.4% 12. Concho Resources - 2.7% - both are upstream oil $OIL companies with operations in the Permian Basin. Right now, oil prices are falling but over the long-term, they will rise. Commodities are cyclical. I'm looking for other commodity stocks to invest in. Gold stocks $GOLD 13. Polymetal International - 8.9% - Russian gold and Silver miner. They are increasing their reserves, have one of the lowest AISC in the industry. 14. GLD ETF - 4.2% - I'm betting on higher Gold prices with the rising inflation. Bonds 15. TLT ETF - 11.4% 16. IEF ETF - 7.2% - it is a good idea to have some bonds in your portfolio. Right now, they are doing great and you can always sell them to raise capital to buy stocks. This is something that I'll do in the coming months. 17. Cash and cash equivalents - 16.8% - It is that high since I recently closed one of my arbitrage position, Allergan. But I'll be using all these cash to buy stocks. Watch the full video on YouTube and Subscribe: You can learn more about portfolio building on my research partnership: Join my private investing group on Facebook for more:

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