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My Secret Stock Portfolio

As an Elite Popular Investor on eToro, it is important for me to have skin the game in the companies that I'm investing in and to be 100% transparent with my investments. Therefore, it is important to talk about my second portfolio which I recently started. Since I'm making more money now from eToro and Teachable, I want to invest all that money. Staying in cash is a very bad idea. That's why I started a second portfolio. Investing this money in my main account on eToro would not be good for my copiers, and eToro doesn't allow Popular Investors to have two accounts, so I opted for a traditional broker. Every month I'm going to add some money to that portfolio. Since I have a very frugal lifestyle, almost all of my income is reinvested. If ever I need money for another reason I can withdraw money from that portfolio without disrupting my copiers.

What do I have in the secret portfolio? It is an exact copy of my eToro portfolio without the cash and cash equivalents. On eToro, my largest position is Freeport-McMoran $FCX , my largest position there too. Of course, it is more concentrated since it doesn't have cash. I believe in the companies that I own and, therefore, I don't worry about not having any cash there. If the market crashes, I'll just add more money to buy.

I have a few additional investments in the new portfolio, one share of GameStop $GME as a token for my best ever investment where I made 3300% profits, one share of Berkshire Hathaway $BRK.B to have the opportunity to attend the annual meeting, and shares of eToro SPAC $FTCV since this is a company I really believe in.

With a traditional broker, I have more tools available which I want to experiment with, for example, options, futures, individual bonds. And I'm going to experiment with these on the new portfolio but of course, it is not going to be much. By experimenting with options, I mean long-term holding in companies that I already own just to enhance the returns a little.

For now, I'm not going to report the results of the second portfolio since it will be mostly a copy of the main portfolio with some experiments with new tools. But eventually, if eventually, I begin using these financial instruments at a professional level, then they will be reported.

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