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My Portfolio - February 2021

🎮There has been some big changes in my portfolio in the last months. GameStop $GME which was the largest position in my portfolio grew to 40%, and now to zero. The huge profits on GameStop also increased by cash and cash equivalents which is now about 32%. I already made another video, telling you about how I will use this cash. For today, let's talk about the stocks.

🇺🇸US Stocks:

Skyworks Solutions - even at ATH, still fairly valued given the potential with 5G and IoT, buying since 2019

JPMorgan Chase - bet on the US and world economy, buying since 2016

Alaska Air Group - bet on recovery after pandemic, airline with great balance sheet and mostly domestic business

Essent Group - betting on US housing and mortgage insurance, undervalued sector, best company in sector by several metrics: ROE, ROA, delinquency rate, combined ratio

Apple $AAPL - holding since 2016. I don't think I need to explain this company

🌎Non-US stocks:

Qudian $QD - fastest growing stock in our portfolio right now, undervalued Chinese fintech company

China Mobile - bet on the old Chinese economy, undervalued network operator with really good dividend

🥇 Commodity stocks:

FreePort-McMoran - bet on higher copper prices with demand coming from EV/renewables and limited supply

Polymetal International - bet on higher gold and silver prices with possible higher inflation

🥇Workouts (special situation) stocks:

3 arbitrage deals:

DouYu $DOYU - to be acquired by Huya, even without deal undervalued

Genworth Financial - to be acquired by China Oceanwide, deep value stock

Inphi - to be acquired by Marvel Technology, to win from 5G/cloud computing

The rest of my portfolio is in some ETF mainly government bonds and precious metals. This is temporary from the GameStop profits. Gradually, I will use these to buy other stocks. I've already started a new position in United Natural Food $UNFI last week.

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