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My Disastrous Beginnings as an Investor

We all hear that the stock market is a winning game. If you had invested $10 000 in Netflix when it had its IPO in 2002, you would have over $2.6 million today. Maybe, you were not that good at picking stocks and if you chose instead to just invest in the S&P 500 in 2002, you would have over $29 000 today. This is great.

However, most investors still lose money in the long term. The average returns of the average investor in the last 20 years were only 2.6%, underperforming all the other asset classes.

If investing is a winning game, then why are so many people losing money?

The reason is because most investors don’t have the right strategy. Actually, even I didn’t have the right strategy when I began investing.

My beginnings as an investor were disastrous.

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