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My 5 Worst Investments of 2021

Despite returning 150% this year, there were some bad investments that I made.

5. Consistency

This is not really related to securities but rather to how much I posted on eToro, Twitter, YouTube Community Tab, and others. While I consistently post 3 videos on YouTube every week, I am not that consistent when it comes to other platforms.

4. Cash and Cash Equivalents

After taking a 3300% profit on GameStop $GME earlier this year, I had over 50% of my portfolio in cash and cash equivalents and unfortunately, I didn't really reduce it to how much I wanted to.

3. CISI Exams

I had to take the CISI exams to be a Popular Investor on eToro but I spent too much time on them. While they do require a lot of studying, I don't think it should have taken me so much time since I procrastinated for most of it. I could have used this time instead to look for investments.

2. Qudian $QD

I invested in several undervalued stocks after taking my profits on GameStop in January. The mistake I made was to put too much in Qudian. Putting too much of your portfolio in single Chinese small-cap tech stock is not a good idea even if you think that it is undervalued. You always need to take a margin of safety.

1. DouYu $DOYU

I invested in DouYu as an arbitrage opportunity. The stock went up by 80% and it was overvalued but I did not take profits. Now it is down more than 90% from all-time high.

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