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How to Say No to Stocks

🚫 Warren Buffett $BRK.B says that one has to say No almost every investment to be successful.

🧠 Make sure it is in your circle of competence. For example, I say no to most pharmaceutical companies relying on only one drug. You have to understand the patent very well and what the competitors are making before you can invest.

🏦 I'll say No to stocks which won't fit my portfolio. I already have JPMorgan Chase $JPM and I don't think I should be buying another bank.

💸 If I see a huge market cap for a company and it looks too big, I can say No immediately. For example, the $80 billion valuation on Snowflake $SNOW

📄 You can have a general idea of the valuation of a company just by looking at financial statements without any calculations. For example, you see a bank with a PB ratio of 4 (with normal ROE and ROA). I'll say No to that.

🧮 Most of the time, finding the intrinsic value by using the DCF method is to confirm your gut feelings. Finally, take a margin of safety.

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