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How to become a MILLIONAIRE with $5 A DAY 💰

The markets have another good day with the $SPX500 at ATH. Our portfolio is doing a little better with a 1.5% gain from our $GOLD stock $POLY.L and also another 1.5% gain from $GME . The only two stocks in red today are $SWKS and $FIT .

How to become a MILLIONAIRE with $5 A DAY 💰

The first objection that I will get is, "I don't have $5 a day". Well, if you're living in the western world, finding $5 a day is not hard. You can save on your Starbucks coffee or somewhere else. If you live in the developing world, it is not hard to make $5 a day on the internet. It doesn't really matter. Even if you start with $1 a day, at least, you are investing and this is what matters. But of course, the more money you invest, the faster, you'll become a millionaire.

The first thing you need to do is to save that $5 for one month. On average, every month, you will have $150. But you cannot save your way to a millionaire. If you save $5 a day, you'll need to wai 333 years to become a millionaire. What you're going to do is invest that $150 every month. You can use fractional shares on eToro or on robinhood(if you're in the US) to invest. The difference between investing and saving is compound interest. With investing, you are taking advantage of compound interest.

If you invest $150 a month at a 10% annual return rate, you'll need to wait 42 years to become a millionaire. I know that it sounds a lot but how many millionaires do you actually know? If you want to become a millionaire faster, invest $500 a day. You need to improve your financial situation to make the process faster but it is possible with just $5 a day.

In what are you going to invest?

1. $45 in $SPY

2. $30 in $IWM

3. $30 in $EEM

4. $30 in $TLT

5. $15 in $GLD

That's the dynamic All-Weather Portfolio we talked about last Wednesday.

I'm also doing an experiment on my research partnership ( ) where, I invest every month $150 to the dynamic All-Weather Portfolio for beginners. In May 2019, the $SPX500 entered a correction. It was an opportunity to take to invest more in stocks instead of gold or bonds. That's why I believe that the All-Weather portfolio should be dynamic so that you can take advantage of short-term market volatilities.

Of course, you don't have to readjust your portfolio every month and you can do so every year and I'm not telling you to join the research partnership. You don't have to. You need to invest first. If only you have extra money, then you join the partnership.

Watch the full video on YouTube:

You can access the All-Weather Beginner's Portfolio and all my other research and courses on my research partnership:

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