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How I crashed my stock portfolio and recovered

I've been investing in the stock market for about 4.5 years and so far I'm beating the market. My average annual return 15.4% while the S&P 500 $SPX500 returned 11.7%. But that's not the complete story. We can look at the performance of my portfolio in 4 different stages and last week, I reached a 4th stage. My portfolio is back to all time high, previously reached in January 2018 . How did I crash my portfolio in 2016, recovered with 120% returns in 2017, then crashed again in 2018 and now recovered again? We can look at my portfolio in 3 different stages:

1. The Great Depression

When I first started investing, it was a disaster. I invested with high leverages. I bought $OIL with $100 and sold it after a few hours with a 24% gain. I thought that it was that easy and the next day, I lost $53. It wasn't easy, I lost more and more money. In the first six months that I invested, my portfolio was already down 28.7%. It is very important to learn how to be a good investor, to have a clear strategy and that's when I decided to be a value investor.

2. The Era of Good Feelings

I learnt my lesson and was focusing on value investing but still held some Bitcoin $BTC and Ethereum, which I bought at respectively $900 and $28. These investments were 10% of my portfolio and I got lucky during the bubble and made over 2000% in some trades. That's also when I became a Popular Investor on eToro. It was not only because of the returns but also because of the stock analysis that I was making.

3. Reconstruction

Before the cryptocurrency bubble burst, I decided to sell my Bitcoin and Ethereum but I was not quick enough to sell everything. Since then, I decided to focus more on stocks and fundamental analysis in general. There was the market correction in 2018, I made some big investments in Apple $AAPL , which helped my portfolio recovery. In 2019, I decided to be more focused and also diversify in other countries and different asset classes and I tried arbitrage.

It took over 2 years but finally my portfolio is back to all time high. I have learnt a lot during all these years and there's still more to learn. I've got lucky and even unlucky. But the great thing about investing is that you can always improve, you always need to keep learning.

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