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Financial Education Portfolio Review

The US markets $SPX500 are closed today because of President's Day. This week we are expecting earnings from our oil stocks Parsley Energy and Concho Resources. For today, let's review the portfolio of the largest stock market related YouTube channel:

Financial Education Portfolio Review

Jeremy has the largest stock market related channel on YouTube (Financial Education) and he recently divulged his $500 000 portfolio. The portfolio has 12 US stocks.

1. Carnival Corp 10%

Good company long-term and cheap at the moment but quite dangerous to put 10% of one's portfolio in it if there are signs of a coming recession.

2. Revolve Group 1%

Online clothing retailer in a very competitive space. Could be a tenbagger if succeeds.

3. Foot Locker 1%

Cheap with PE ratio of 8 but I don't expect much growth later.

4. National Beverages 5%

Recession-proof business (not necessarily recession-proof stock) and quite cheap at the moment. Good investment for the long-term.

5. Wynn Resorts 4%

Just like Carnival Corp, I wouldn't put 14% of my portfolio in the tourism industry right now. Good stock for the long-term.

6. iRobot 6%

On my watchlist. Stock falling as the company lowers guidance but this is an interesting play for the long-term.

7. Cirrus Logic 3%

80% of sales come from Apple $AAPL . Will win from 5G but expensive at the moment.

8. ELF Beauty 4%

I don't really see much growth prospect for this company.

9. Uber $UBER 12%

Very expensive stock. If everything succeeds and they are profitable then it is a good investment. Otherwise, 12% of one's portfolio in Uber is very risky.

10. Facebook $FB 16%

High risk, high reward. The company is great, it is 1% of my portfolio. I bought when everybody was selling in 2018 and now I'm taking profits but the risk with the stock is real.

11. Skyworks Solutions 15%

My favorite stock in Jeremy's portfolio. 12% of my portfolio. Supplier of Apple and will win from 5G. The stock is still cheap compared to Apple.

12. Tesla $TSLA 22%

High risk - high reward. 22% of one's portfolio in Tesla is quite dangerous as it seems that the stock is in a bubble right now. I would be taking profits if I was in his place.

Jeremy's portfolio is designed to work only in an economic expansion. It lacks the diversification from other asset classes and countries. But I will say that it is a good portfolio for him. Jeremy has two YouTube channels (Financial Education and Financial Education 2) and he has a big cash flow. Even if his portfolio loses 50%, he can still buy these stocks at a discount. This is not something that most people can do. This portfolio works for Jeremy but won't work for most people.

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