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Creating a Stock Investing Course For beginners

It is hard to find a good course about stock investing for beginners. The ones that are available on the internet are so vague and banal. There's more to investing that just looking at the P/E ratio. Many people don't understand that. The alternative is to pay $40 000 a year for a college degree in finance where some fancy professors, who don't have any experience in the stock market, will teach erroneous things such as the Efficient Market Hypothesis. To solve this problem, I've decided to create a course for beginners. There is an increasing demand for it and I believe that now is the right time to start.

In 2020, I plan to create 3 courses about investing, one dedicated for beginners, one for intermediate and one for advanced investors. Creating these courses will also help me in the eventual writing of my book about the stock market. For the time being, I'm focusing on the course for beginners and it shall be ready by April 2020. It will be available initially only on my research partnership but when it is completed, I'll sell it separately too. There will be about 20 different sections each with 4-5 subsections. Each subsection will contain a video lesson and a PDF for people who prefer reading. If needed, there will be other resources. I've attached a PDF file containing the sections and subsections. Why do I need your help today? I have drafted the plan for the course and I want your opinion on the topics. Is there anything you would want me to add? Do you like the order? I would love to hear your feedback. You can either comment on this post or contact me by email.

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