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China Evergrande Stock Analysis

China Evergrande Stock Analysis

Business Description:

  • Rent land from the Chinese Government and develop this land to build properties and sell to the public

  • Highly leveraged business, whereby land is rented with debt and sold at inflated prices to the indebted public


  • Higher global inflation

  • Rapid growth of the Chinese economy

  • Probably “Too big to fail” and will be saved by the Chinese government


  • May not be able to meet interest, bank loans, and bond payments in the coming year

  • Faces bankruptcy

  • Accounting practices misleading

Financial Analysis:

  • Revenues of HKD 601 Billion in FY20 up from HKD 531 Billion in FY19

  • Operating profit of HKD 75.2 Billion in FY20 vs of HKD 94.3 billion in FY19

  • Net income of HKD 9.57 billion in FY20 vs HKD 19.2 billion in FY19

  • Free Cash Flow of HKD 108 billion in FY20 vs free cash outflow of HKD 91.8 billion for FY19

  • Balance Sheet

    • Total assets: HKD 2.73 Tillion ; total liabilities: HKD 2.31 Trillion; book value: HKD 174 Billion

    • Cash: HKD 188 billion, debts: HKD 451 Billion, current assets: HKD 2.26 Trillion, current liabilities: HKD 1.79 Trillion

China Evergrande Stock Analysis

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