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Black Friday Sale

There has been an increasing demand for me to do live trainings about investing and this is one of the things I planned to do in the coming months once I get a big enough group.

Besides, there has been some people telling me that they could not afford it for now. I'm sure you are aware that I don't like the sentence, "I can't afford it". A better alternative to that is "How can I afford it?". And I also don't like discounts(except when I'm buying especially stocks). You need to pay a premium for quality. But I've decided to make an exception.

For 24 HOURS ONLY, Friday 29th of November 2019 from 9 AM EST, there will be a sales for subscribing to my partnership.

Here's what you get if you subscribe: 1. At least 2 updates per week (Sometimes I post 4 updates a week)

2. Stock Analysis, mostly the ignored ones

3. Industry/Sector Analysis from all over the world

4. In-Depth Economic and Market Analysis

5. Access to my Private Facebook Group

6. More Training about how to value stocks and build a portfolio (including live trainings)

7. Access to my Portfolio and all my trades

8. Sharing of investment and analysis ideas

For the NEXT 24 HOURS, The Monthly Subscription will be 20% off

There's even better

If you choose the Annual Subscription, you get 6 months for free

Don't miss your chance as the more information will be on the partnership, the more people sign up, the more valuable it will be and I'll have to raise the price. This is the lowest price these subscription are ever going to be as I don't plan to do any discount for Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day or anytime soon.

This Partnership is, however, not for everyone and I don't want any bad apples in my partnership. I want genuine people who are really keen to making the most of the information that I'm providing. There is no shortcut to building wealth. Make sure that you fit all these criteria before signing up:

1. You are interested in the stock market and want to build your wealth

2. You want to learn from someone who dedicates over 80hrs/week to researching stocks(especially the obscure ones - that's where the money is) in different industries all over the world

3. You want to learn from someone who has the experience of managing investment assets for other people and is actually beating the market

4.You are interested in well-researched analysis of stocks and the economy and understand that there is more to investing than just the P/E ratio

5.You want to connect to like-minded people who, like you, are interested in beating the market

If you're sure that NOW is the time to invest in yourself, click on one of the links below

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