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All Weather Beginner's Portfolio for 2021

We've all heard of Ray Dalio's All Weather Portfolio which is made up of only 5 ETFs but this is just an approximation. The actual All weather portfolio uses some more complex instruments. Last year, I started an experiment [NOT LINKED TO MY eToro PORTFOLIO], whereby, we build an all weather portfolio for beginners. The purpose of the portfolio is to slightly beat the market $SPX500 over the long-term and at the same time not be too volatile.

For the first year (January till November) the portfolio returned 13.8% vs 14.9% for the S&P 500.

15% in the SPY ETF $SPY . With 22% of the S&P 500 in just five overvalued stocks, I don't think we need much exposure to this ETF. Instead we can look at smaller companies with 15% in the IWM WTF which follows the Russell 2000. Even the Russell 2000 is expensive though. We need to look at non-US stocks, mainly through the EEM ETF (emerging markets ETF) at 20%.

With the low yield on bonds, we need to lower exposure to bonds. We invest 10% in the TLT ETF $TLT and 5% in the IEF ETF. 10% in the TIP ETF, which are inflation-protected bonds.

Another way to protect us against inflation is to invest in commodities mainly by investing 15% in the GLD ETF $GLD and 10% in the DBC ETF.

Watch the full video on YouTube:

Here's how the portfolio works:


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