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5000 YouTube Subscribers

5000 subscribers! That's a lot! But we can certainly grow more than that.

The aim of YouTube (owned by Google $GOOG ) if of course, to make money and if we can help YouTube make money, we can keep growing. How does YouTube make money? By selling ads and here, they need to prioritize watchtime. The more time people spend watching YouTube videos, the more ads YouTube can show to these people and the more money they can make. Therefore, the priority to grow a channel is watchtime.

How to increase watchtime? Content is king. In the past few months that I've been studying for my CISI exams, I wasn't really focusing so much on the quality of the content of my YouTube videos and the watchtime went down. Now, that I'm making better videos, watchtime is going up again. It's also important to be different, in a bull market $SPX500 , everyday is an expert on stock investing. But I aim to talk mostly about stocks which are often obscure. For example, in 2019, I was talking about the GameStop Short Squeeze $GME before almost anyone else. Eventually, I was rewarded.

However, to gain new subscribers, one needs to talk about popular topics sometimes. That's why I made a video about Evergrande last week. I could have waited to do more research before making a better video. But it was in the news and I had to make it. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice the quality.

YouTube is only a part of the whole ecosystem. My aim is not just to grow my YouTube channel, but to use the YouTube channel to grow other businesses such as eToro and my research partnership.

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